We provide consulting services for academics and graduate students. We teach individuals, groups, and departments how to effectively succeed in the world of academia by providing concrete, empirically-based academic skill sets.

One-on-One Consulting

Prefer to work with us individually? With our One-on-One Consultation, we’ll work with you through every aspect of your academic needs

The Grad Academy

Our face-to-face skill based workshop that teaches graduate students the concrete skill-sets they need to succeed in their programs. See our online program at join.thegradacademy.com!

Academic Editing

Academic writing requires unique academic editing. Cisco Consulting provides editing services for academics of all levels and disciplines

Who Are We?

Jonathan Cisco, PhD

Jonathan Cisco, PhD

Founder, Cisco Consulting

Jonathan is an award-winning presenter in literacy and higher education. He has trained hundreds of graduate students and faculty for success in academia, and he has presented his mixed-methods research across a number of social science conferences. His research has been published in journals such as Literacy Research and Instruction and Teaching and Learning Inquiry. Jonathan leads Cisco Consulting by providing workshops and one-on-one training for graduate students, post-docs, and faculty.

Jayme Cisco, PhD

Jayme Cisco, PhD

Co-Founder, Cisco Consulting

Jayme is a mixed-methods researcher and teacher in Anthropology and Health Sciences. She has served countless graduate students and faculty in their academic writing, both as editor and one-on-one peer reviewer. Her work has been published in the prestigious journal, Human Nature. Jayme is the lead academic editor for Cisco Consulting, and she assists with workshops and coordinating with our clients.

Quinn Cisco

Quinn Cisco

Creative Support, Cisco Consulting

Quinn excels at Legos and artistry, with a specialty in dinosaurs and robots. Quinn acts as our primary creative liaison. He supports Cisco Consulting by going to bed at a reasonable time and always eating his vegetables.

Administrator and Student Testimonials

What Our Customers are Saying

Jonathan and Jayme move beyond the mechanics of academic reading and writing. Using methods grounded in research, they facilitate a learning journey that graduate students find transformational. The Grad Academy moves students toward self-efficacy as they learn to master essential scholarship skills. It is an academic reading and writing program without equal.

Robin Walker, PhD

Leadership & Professional Development Programs, University of Missouri, Office of Graduate Studies

Jonathan Cisco is a dynamic presenter who quickly establishes rapport and credibility with his audience.  Graduate students, faculty, and administrators will appreciate learning from him!

Marty Townsend, PhD

Professor Emerita of English, University of Missouri

I think that every part of that workshop was just jaw-dropping. I thought ‘Oh, my goodness gracious, if I would’ve had this last semester, I would’ve been so much less stressed’.


PhD Student in Education

All the advice I’ve ever received about [academic] reading has all sounded so distant because I had no idea how to actually do it or what it should look like. Watching you go through a paper was not just eye-opening, it was freeing. I felt like a huge stumbling block had been removed, and I could see so much more clearly how to navigate through an article.


PhD Student in Psychology

I am so thankful for this opportunity and want to share my heartfelt thanks for helping me on this journey!!! Hands down the most useful and relevant workshop I have experienced in my grad school journey.


PhD Student in Political Science

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