We provide consulting services for academics and graduate students. We teach individuals, groups, and departments how to effectively succeed in the world of academia by providing concrete, empirically-based academic skill sets.

Guiding Academics for 10+ Years

Our Passion and Mission
It started with us shoulder-to-shoulder in a cramped room helping graduate students achieve success. Our passion for helping academics continued after we completed our PhDs with the creation of Cisco Consulting. Now, we spend our time working with academics across the world to help them achieve success.

Published Authors, Award-Winning Presenters

Focusing on What Works
We pride ourselves on providing clear, pragmatic guidance to academics in an engaging and helpful atmosphere. Our interdisciplinary experiences enable us to assist statisticians to qualitative social scientists to literature scholars.

Always Together. Always Ready to Help.

A family business with a family mission.
Whether it’s world travel, writing, or gardening, we are always together. When you work with Cisco Consulting, you are working just with us, scholars who seek to create genuine relationships with all our clients. Let’s do this together.

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