Academics are rarely taught how to succeed in academia. Departments are faced with the practical need to provide course work specific to degree requirements; thus, academic skill sets are often learned through grit or patch-worked compilations of lore-based, trial-and-error practices. Cisco Consulting provides evidence-based workshops that counter these problems. For more information, download: The-Grad-Academy-Flyer

Impostor Phenomenon and Academia

Impostor phenomenon can affect as much as 70-90% of highly-capable graduate students, leading to low-motivation, procrastination, and them dropping their programs. We teach graduate students how to overcome these feelings and thrive in their pursuits.

How to Think Like Successful Academics

We teach graduate students how to emulate the best of academics by modeling their thinking and processes.


Academic Efficiency

We teach graduate students how to achieve tremendous efficiency and efficacy in their academic work, from effective research practices to efficient uses of technology.

Academic Reading

One of the greatest challenges for graduate students is comprehending academic reading. We teach students how to effectively and efficiently blaze through their reading while increasing their comprehension.


Academic Writing

Graduate students often find themselves blocked and unable to compose effective academic prose.  We guide students through the most efficient and effective writing processes of successful academics.

Academic Research

We teach graduate students how to achieve tremendous efficiency and efficacy in their academic work, from effective research practices to efficient uses of technology.

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Jonathan and Jayme move beyond the mechanics of academic reading and writing. Using methods grounded in research, they facilitate a learning journey that graduate students find transformational. The Grad Academy moves students toward self-efficacy as they learn to master essential scholarship skills. It is an academic reading and writing program without equal.

Robin Walker, PhD

Leadership & Professional Development Programs, University of Missouri, Office of Graduate Studies

Workshop Results

Reports from Previous Graduate Students


Recommend Grad Academy to Others


Report Improved Academic Reading


Report Improved Academic Writing


Report Feeling More Energized and Confident


Report Increased Productivity


Average Drop in Impostor Feelings

Participant Reflections on The Grad Academy

I think that every part of that workshop was just jaw-dropping. I thought ‘Oh, my goodness gracious, if I would’ve had this last semester, I would’ve been so much less stressed’.


PhD Student in Education

All the advice I’ve ever received about [academic] reading has all sounded so distant because I had no idea how to actually do it or what it should look like. Watching you go through a paper was not just eye-opening, it was freeing. I felt like a huge stumbling block had been removed, and I could see so much more clearly how to navigate through an article.


PhD Student in Psychology

I am so thankful for this opportunity and want to share my heartfelt thanks for helping me on this journey!!! Hands down the most useful and relevant workshop I have experienced in my grad school journey.


PhD Student in Political Science

FAQs on The Grad Academy

What Are the Different Versions of The Grad Academy?

We provide general and discipline-specific versions of The Grad Academy. The generalized workshop is for Deans of Graduate Schools who hope to bring The Grad Academy to the entire university.

In our discipline-specific Grad Academy, we work closely with departments to ensure that they’re students receive specific skill sets for their areas of study.

How Many Students Can Attend the Grad Academy at One Time?

We can comfortably teach up to 45 graduate students at one time.

Is the Grad Academy Interactive?

Absolutely. We bore easily, so we’re not in the game of providing lecture-based, non-interactive workshops. With each module in The Grad Academy, participants are constantly interacting with each other and the presenters. Participants also receive ample time to practice and apply the skill sets we teach.

How Much Does the Grad Academy Cost?

Our prices are very competitive with other consultants. Given the customization of The Grad Academy to individual universities and disciplines, our costs vary depending on the workshop needed. Depending on enrollment, The Grad Academy’s cost ranges from $4000-$5000 plus travel expenses. Please contact us for a quote.

What Do The Administrators/Deans/Directors Need to Provide?

Room: We recommend that you provide a room that allows interaction. Circle tables are ideal.

Refreshments/Lunch: Although we can break for lunch, we recommend that lunch be provided so participants can further engage with each other and the presenters.

Recruitment: Some universities have created a recruitment system in which departments can nominate attendees; other universities (specifically departments) will open The Grad Academy to all students up to 45 in enrollment.

How Long is The Grad Academy?

The Grad Academy is a one-day intensive workshop, lasting from 8am-4pm. That said, we are happy to adapt the workshop (e.g., conducted over two-days, etc) in any way you need.

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